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Also hash input fields and backward_input_fields in Tf hash name

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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ def native_tensorflowop_from_autodiffop(autodiff_obj: pystencils_autodiff.AutoDi
forward_ast = autodiff_obj.forward_ast_cpu
backward_ast = autodiff_obj.backward_ast_cpu
op_name = f'{autodiff_obj.op_name.lower()}_hash{_hash(str(autodiff_obj).encode()).hexdigest()}'
op_name = f'{autodiff_obj.op_name.lower()}_hash{_hash(str((autodiff_obj, autodiff_obj.forward_input_fields, autodiff_obj.backward_input_fields)).encode()).hexdigest()}'
if use_cuda:
op_name += '_cuda'
forward_ast.function_name = op_name + "_forward"
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