Commit 70d68574 authored by Stephan Seitz's avatar Stephan Seitz
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Underscore submodules {_autodiff,_adjoint_field}

parent a0f9441b
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ import pystencils_autodiff.backends # NOQA
from pystencils_autodiff._field_to_tensors import ( # NOQA
tf_constant_from_field, tf_placeholder_from_field, tf_scalar_variable_from_field,
tf_variable_from_field, torch_tensor_from_field)
from pystencils_autodiff.adjoint_field import AdjointField
from pystencils_autodiff.autodiff import (
from pystencils_autodiff._adjoint_field import AdjointField
from pystencils_autodiff._autodiff import (
AutoDiffAstPair, AutoDiffOp, create_backward_assignments, get_jacobian_of_assignments)
__all__ = ['backends',
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