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Add module mapping pystencils_autodiff -> pystencils.autodiff

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import sys
import pystencils_autodiff.backends # NOQA import pystencils_autodiff.backends # NOQA
from pystencils_autodiff._field_to_tensors import ( # NOQA from pystencils_autodiff._field_to_tensors import ( # NOQA
tf_constant_from_field, tf_placeholder_from_field, tf_scalar_variable_from_field, tf_constant_from_field, tf_placeholder_from_field, tf_scalar_variable_from_field,
...@@ -15,3 +17,6 @@ __all__ = ['backends', ...@@ -15,3 +17,6 @@ __all__ = ['backends',
"tf_constant_from_field", " tf_placeholder_from_field", "tf_constant_from_field", " tf_placeholder_from_field",
"tf_scalar_variable_from_field", " tf_variable_from_field", "tf_scalar_variable_from_field", " tf_variable_from_field",
"torch_tensor_from_field"] "torch_tensor_from_field"]
sys.modules['pystencils.autodiff'] = pystencils_autodiff
sys.modules['pystencils.autodiff.backends'] = pystencils_autodiff.backends
Backends for operators to support automatic Differentation
Currently, we can use pystencils' JIT compilation to register
a Torch or a Tensorflow operation or we can compile a static
library to be directly loaded into Torch/Tensorflow.
AVAILABLE_BACKENDS = ['tensorflow', 'torch', 'tensorflow_cpp', 'torch_native'] AVAILABLE_BACKENDS = ['tensorflow', 'torch', 'tensorflow_cpp', 'torch_native']
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