Commit 7d316c46 authored by Christian Godenschwager's avatar Christian Godenschwager
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[BUGFIX] Fixed return type of Matrx3<T>::trace()

parent 8f6d2706
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ public:
inline bool isZero() const;
inline const Matrix3 getCholesky() const;
template< typename Other > inline const Vector3<HIGH> solve( const Vector3<Other> &rhs ) const;
inline real_t trace() const;
inline Type trace() const;
......@@ -1315,13 +1315,13 @@ inline const Vector3<HIGH> Matrix3<Type>::solve( const Vector3<Other> &rhs ) con
/*!\fn real_t Matrix3<Type>::trace() const
/*!\fn Type Matrix3<Type>::trace() const
// \brief Computes the trace of the matrix (sum of diagonal elements).
// \return The trace of the matrix.
template< typename Type >
inline real_t Matrix3<Type>::trace() const
inline Type Matrix3<Type>::trace() const
return v_[0] + v_[4] + v_[8];
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