Commit 934a270b authored by Christoph Rettinger's avatar Christoph Rettinger
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Added assert in reconstructor

parent 6ca875c0
......@@ -120,6 +120,8 @@ void EquilibriumReconstructor< LatticeModel_T, BoundaryHandling_T >
real_t cx, cy, cz;
blockStorage_->getBlockLocalCellCenter( *block, Cell(x,y,z), cx, cy, cz );
WALBERLA_ASSERT_NOT_NULLPTR( (*bodyField)(x,y,z) );
const auto velocity = (*bodyField)(x,y,z)->velFromWF(cx,cy,cz);
pdfField->setToEquilibrium( x, y, z, Vector3< real_t >( velocity[0], velocity[1], velocity[2] ), averageDensity );
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