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In order to join the meeting you can select one of the alternatives:
1. With your Browser under Windows, MacOS, Linux:
1. With your **Browser** under Windows, MacOS, Linux:
2. With a SIP/H.323 room system or SIP/H.323 software client:
2. With a **SIP/H.323** room system or **SIP/H.323** software client:
H.323: 004910097960963
3. With a telephone (audio only):
3. With a **telephone** (audio only):
Call 0049 30 200 97960963
4. Via Skype for Business:
4. Via **Skype for Business**:
5. Using a mobile smart phone.
5. Using a mobile **smart phone**.
You have to install the Pexip App beforehand:
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