Commit 330ffcf3 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Simpler OpenMP handling & OpenMP parallel boundaries

- periodic kernels not yet OpenMP parallel
parent e2cab929
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ def createIndexedKernel(listOfEquations, indexFields, functionName="kernel", typ
return ast
def addOpenMP(astNode, schedule="static", numThreads=None):
def addOpenMP(astNode, schedule="static", numThreads=True):
Parallelizes the outer loop with OpenMP
......@@ -134,13 +134,37 @@ def addOpenMP(astNode, schedule="static", numThreads=None):
:param schedule: OpenMP scheduling policy e.g. 'static' or 'dynamic'
:param numThreads: explicitly specify number of threads
if not numThreads:
assert type(astNode) is ast.KernelFunction
body = astNode.body
threadsClause = "" if numThreads is None else " num_threads(%s)" % (numThreads,)
threadsClause = "" if numThreads else " num_threads(%s)" % (numThreads,)
wrapperBlock = ast.PragmaBlock('#pragma omp parallel' + threadsClause, body.takeChildNodes())
outerLoops = [l for l in body.atoms(ast.LoopOverCoordinate) if l.isOutermostLoop]
assert outerLoops, "No outer loop found"
assert len(outerLoops) <= 1, "More than one outer loop found. Which one should be parallelized?"
outerLoops[0].prefixLines.append("#pragma omp for schedule(%s)" % (schedule,))
loopToParallelize = outerLoops[0]
loopRange = int(loopToParallelize.stop - loopToParallelize.start)
except TypeError:
loopRange = None
if numThreads is None:
import multiprocessing
numThreads = multiprocessing.cpu_count()
if loopRange is not None and loopRange < numThreads:
containedLoops = [l for l in loopToParallelize.body.args if isinstance(l, LoopOverCoordinate)]
if len(containedLoops) == 1:
containedLoop = containedLoops[0]
containedLoopRange = int(containedLoop.stop - containedLoop.start)
if containedLoopRange > loopRange:
loopToParallelize = containedLoop
except TypeError:
loopToParallelize.prefixLines.append("#pragma omp for schedule(%s)" % (schedule,))
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