Commit 35c029a0 authored by Markus Holzer's avatar Markus Holzer
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removed depricated as_matrix function

parent 0238f763
......@@ -172,18 +172,6 @@ class FiniteDifferenceStencilDerivation:
f = field_access
return sum(f.get_shifted(*offset) * weight for offset, weight in zip(self.stencil, self.weights))
def as_matrix(self):
warnings.warn("as_matrix is deprecated and may be removed in the near future."
"Please use as_array instead which will return an MutableDenseNDimArray."
"as_array therefore can also work in 3 dimensions", category=DeprecationWarning)
dim = len(self.stencil[0])
assert dim == 2
max_offset = max(max(abs(e) for e in direction) for direction in self.stencil)
result = sp.Matrix(2 * max_offset + 1, 2 * max_offset + 1, lambda i, j: 0)
for direction, weight in zip(self.stencil, self.weights):
result[max_offset - direction[1], max_offset + direction[0]] = weight
return result
def __array__(self):
return np.array(self.as_array().tolist())
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