Commit 461b8075 authored by Markus Holzer's avatar Markus Holzer
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Merge branch 'graphviz' into 'master'

Add graphviz to interactive (it's require in first tutorial)

See merge request pycodegen/pystencils!153
parents 7354a3f5 5f2d1fbd
...@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ setup(name='pystencils', ...@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ setup(name='pystencils',
'opencl': ['pyopencl'], 'opencl': ['pyopencl'],
'alltrafos': ['islpy', 'py-cpuinfo'], 'alltrafos': ['islpy', 'py-cpuinfo'],
'bench_db': ['blitzdb', 'pymongo', 'pandas'], 'bench_db': ['blitzdb', 'pymongo', 'pandas'],
'interactive': ['matplotlib', 'ipy_table', 'imageio', 'jupyter', 'pyevtk', 'rich'], 'interactive': ['matplotlib', 'ipy_table', 'imageio', 'jupyter', 'pyevtk', 'rich', 'graphviz'],
'autodiff': ['pystencils-autodiff'], 'autodiff': ['pystencils-autodiff'],
'doc': ['sphinx', 'sphinx_rtd_theme', 'nbsphinx', 'doc': ['sphinx', 'sphinx_rtd_theme', 'nbsphinx',
'sphinxcontrib-bibtex', 'sphinx_autodoc_typehints', 'pandoc'], 'sphinxcontrib-bibtex', 'sphinx_autodoc_typehints', 'pandoc'],
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