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Fix test for old Ubuntu

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import pytest
import sympy as sp
import pystencils as ps
import pystencils as ps
from pystencils import Assignment
from pystencils.astnodes import Block, SkipIteration, LoopOverCoordinate, SympyAssignment
from sympy.codegen.rewriting import optims_c99
from pystencils.astnodes import Block, LoopOverCoordinate, SkipIteration, SympyAssignment
dst = ps.fields('dst(8): double[2D]')
s = sp.symbols('s_:8')
......@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ def test_loop_over_coordinate():
def test_sympy_assignment():
from sympy.codegen.rewriting import optims_c99
assignment = SympyAssignment(dst[0, 0](0), sp.log(x + 3) / sp.log(2) + sp.log(x ** 2 + 1))
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