Commit dd6b920e authored by Stephan Seitz's avatar Stephan Seitz
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Attempt to implement printing of DiffInterpolatorAccess

parent ee9587df
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ from os.path import dirname, join
from pystencils.astnodes import Node
from pystencils.backends.cbackend import CBackend, CustomSympyPrinter, generate_c
from pystencils.fast_approximation import fast_division, fast_inv_sqrt, fast_sqrt
from pystencils.interpolation_astnodes import InterpolationMode
from pystencils.interpolation_astnodes import DiffInterpolatorAccess, InterpolationMode
with open(join(dirname(__file__), 'cuda_known_functions.txt')) as f:
lines = f.readlines()
......@@ -73,7 +73,10 @@ class CudaSympyPrinter(CustomSympyPrinter):
def _print_TextureAccess(self, node):
dtype = node.texture.field.dtype.numpy_dtype
if node.texture.interpolation_mode == InterpolationMode.CUBIC_SPLINE:
if type(node) == DiffInterpolatorAccess:
# cubicTex3D_1st_derivative_x(texture tex, float3 coord)
template = f"cubicTex%iD_1st_{'xyz'[node.diff_coordinate_idx]}(%s, %s)"
elif node.texture.interpolation_mode == InterpolationMode.CUBIC_SPLINE:
template = "cubicTex%iDSimple(%s, %s)"
if dtype.itemsize > 4:
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