Commit af1f65c2 authored by Tobias Leemann's avatar Tobias Leemann Committed by Sebastian Eibl

Fixed possible endless loop and normalization

parent e3d5a02f
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......@@ -277,7 +277,6 @@ bool EPA::doEPA( GeomPrimitive &geom1, GeomPrimitive &geom2, const GJK& gjk, Vec
current = entryHeap.back();
if(!current->isObsolete()) {
WALBERLA_ASSERT_GREATER(current->getSqrDist(), real_t(0.0), "EPA_Trianalge distance is negative.");
lowerBoundSqr = current->getSqrDist();
if(epaVolume.size() == maxSupportPoints_) {
......@@ -289,6 +288,10 @@ bool EPA::doEPA( GeomPrimitive &geom1, GeomPrimitive &geom2, const GJK& gjk, Vec
// if origin is contained in plane, use out-facing normal.
Vec3 normal;
if(current->getSqrDist() < real_comparison::Epsilon<real_t>::value*real_comparison::Epsilon<real_t>::value){
if(current->getNormal().sqrLength() < real_comparison::Epsilon<real_t>::value*real_comparison::Epsilon<real_t>::value){
normal = current->getNormal().getNormalized();
normal = current->getClosest().getNormalized();
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