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# CMake build files
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<florian.schornbaum@fau.de> <florian.schornbaum@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>
<martin.bauer@fau.de> <martin.bauer@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>
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<Daniela.Anderl@lstm.uni-erlangen.de> <daniela.anderl@lstm.uni-erlangen.de>
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Lead developers
Christian Godenschwager
Christoph Rettinger
Martin Bauer
Sebastian Eibl
Christian Feichtinger
Daniel Ritter
Daniela Anderl
David Staubach
Dominik Bartuschat
Ehsan Fattahi
Felix Winterhalter
Florian Schornbaum
Jan Götz
Johannes Habich
Klaus Iglberger
Kristina Pickl
Lorenz Hufnagel
Matthias Markl
Michael Kuron
Regina Ammer
Sagar Dolas
Silke Bergler
Simon Bogner
Stefan Donath
Sunil Kontham
Tobias Preclik
Tobias Scharpff
Tobias Schruff
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Contributing to waLBerla will require a signed copy of the Chair for System
Simulation Contributor Agreement (LSSCA). The LSSCA is an adapted version of
the Sun/Oracle Contributor Agreement.
Signing a contributor agreement is necessary for many reasons. For an overview,
see http://oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/cla.
You can download the LSSCA at http://walberla.net/lss_contributor_agreement.pdf.
Please send a signed copy to us via fax (+49 9131 85-28928) or mail it to
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Lehrstuhl für Systemsimulation (Informatik 10)
Cauerstraße 11
91058 Erlangen
After we have received your agreement, we will create a GitLab account on
https://i10git.cs.fau.de/ for you. GitLab Merge Requests are the only acceptable
facility for code submission. Please do not use GitHub pull requests and do not
send patches by email.
Thank you for contributing!
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## This file should be placed in the root directory of your project.
## Then modify the CMakeLists.txt file in the root directory of your
## project to incorporate the testing dashboard.
## # The following are required to submit to the CDash dashboard:
set(CTEST_DROP_SITE "www10.informatik.uni-erlangen.de")
set(CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/Research/Projects/walberla/CDash/submit.php?project=waLBerla")
set (MEMORYCHECK_COMMAND:FILEPATH "/usr/bin/valgrind")
set (MEMORYCHECK_COMMAND_OPTIONS "--show-reachable=no")
# waLBerla
waLBerla (widely applicable Lattice Boltzmann from Erlangen) is a massively
parallel framework for multi physics applications. Besides its original
objective, Lattice Boltzmann solvers for hydrodynamics, it now contains
modules for other applications like Multigrid and rigid body dynamics
as well. Great emphasis is placed on the interoperability between the modules
in particular the fluid-particle coupling.
It scales from laptops to current and future supercomputers while maintaining
near-perfect efficiency.
See http://walberla.net/ for more information and a showcase of applications.
## Documentation and Tutorials
Documentation for the C++ framework is available in
[Doxygen](http://walberla.net/doxygen/index.html), while the Python interface
is documented in [Sphinx](http://walberla.net/sphinx/index.html).
## Getting started
The minimum requirements are a C++11-compliant compiler (e.g. GCC or Clang),
the [Boost](http://www.boost.org) library and the [CMake](http://www.cmake.org)
build system. Furthermore, you need an MPI library (like
[Open MPI](http://www.open-mpi.org)) if you want to make use of parallel
processing capabilities. All of these dependencies are typically available in
your operating system's package manager.
## Get involved
### Contributing
Please submit all code contributions on our
[GitLab](https://i10git.cs.fau.de/walberla/walberla). To get an account, please
sign and submit the [contributor license agreement](CONTRIBUTING.txt).
### Support
While we currently do not have a mailing list, any questions can be asked via
the [Issue Tracker](https://i10git.cs.fau.de/walberla/walberla/issues).
## Authors
Many thanks go to waLBerla's [contributors](AUTHORS.txt)
### Please cite us
If you use waLBerla in a publication, please cite the following article:
- C. Godenschwager, F. Schornbaum, M. Bauer, H. Köstler, and U. Rüde. A
framework for hybrid parallel flow simulations with a trillion cells in complex
geometries. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance
Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, page 35. ACM, 2013.
## License
waLBerla is licensed under [GPLv3](COPYING.txt).
# Benchmarks
add_subdirectory ( benchmarks )
else ()
add_subdirectory ( benchmarks EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL )