Commit d3b385c5 authored by Sebastian Eibl's avatar Sebastian Eibl

[BUGFIX] potential deadlock

When processes contain no blocks after refinement the neighbor list
is not correctly reset.
parent 04094a1a
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......@@ -45,11 +45,13 @@ void BlockForestDomain::refresh()
periodic_[1] = blockForest_->isPeriodic(1);
periodic_[2] = blockForest_->isPeriodic(2);
if (blockForest_->empty()) return;
unionOfLocalAABBs_ = math::AABB(Vec3(real_t(0)), Vec3(real_t(0)));
if (blockForest_->empty()) return;
unionOfLocalAABBs_ = blockForest_->begin()->getAABB();
for (auto& iBlk : *blockForest_)
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