Commit 66daabec authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer

Python interface: convenient gather function, slice - CellInterval conversion

parent 93fa9dfb
......@@ -57,19 +57,14 @@ def sliceToCellInterval( s ):
return walberla_cpp.CellInterval( newMin,newMax)
def cellIntervalToSlice( cellInterval ):
def cellIntervalToSlice(cellInterval, collapseExtentOne=True):
slices = []
for i in range(3):
if cellInterval.min[i] == cellInterval.max[i]:
if collapseExtentOne and cellInterval.min[i] == cellInterval.max[i]:
slices.append( cellInterval.min[i] )
slices.append( slice(cellInterval.min[i], cellInterval.max[i]+1,None ) )
return slices
#return makeSlice[ cellInterval.min[0]:cellInterval.max[0]+1,
# cellInterval.min[1]:cellInterval.max[1]+1,
# cellInterval.min[2]:cellInterval.max[2]+1 ]
......@@ -3,9 +3,11 @@ try:
from . import walberla_cpp
except ImportError:
import walberla_cpp
# ----------------------------- Python functions to extend the C++ field module ---------------------------------
def npArrayFromWaLBerlaField( field, withGhostLayers=False ):
def npArrayFromWaLBerlaField(field, withGhostLayers=False):
""" Creates a numpy array view on the waLBerla field data
@field: the waLBerla field
@withGhostLayers: Possible values:
......@@ -50,11 +52,11 @@ def npArrayFromWaLBerlaField( field, withGhostLayers=False ):
return view
def arrayFromWaLBerlaAdaptor( field, withGhostLayers=False ):
def arrayFromWaLBerlaAdaptor(field, withGhostLayers=False):
return npArrayFromWaLBerlaField( field.copyToField(), withGhostLayers )
def copyArrayToField( dstField, srcArray, slice=[ slice(None,None,None) ]*3, withGhostLayers=False ):
def copyArrayToField(dstField, srcArray, slice=[slice(None,None,None) ]*3, withGhostLayers=False):
""" Copies a numpy array into (part of) a waLBerla field
Usually no copying has to take place between waLBerla fields and numpy arrays, since an array view can be
......@@ -69,11 +71,19 @@ def copyArrayToField( dstField, srcArray, slice=[ slice(None,None,None) ]*3, wit
dstAsArray = npArrayFromWaLBerlaField(dstField, withGhostLayers)
numpy.copyto( dstAsArray[slice], srcArray )
def extend(cppFieldModule):
def gatherGenerator(blocks, blockDataName, sliceObj, allGather=False):
field = cppFieldModule.gather(blocks, blockDataName, sliceObj, targetRank=-1 if allGather else 0)
if field is not None:
field = npArrayFromWaLBerlaField(field)
field.flags.writeable = False
yield field
cppFieldModule.toArray = npArrayFromWaLBerlaField
cppFieldModule.adaptorToArray = arrayFromWaLBerlaAdaptor
cppFieldModule.copyArrayToField = copyArrayToField
cppFieldModule.gatherGenerator = gatherGenerator
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