Commit e8f1f091 authored by Christian Godenschwager's avatar Christian Godenschwager

Merge branch 'BoundaryFromDomainBorder' into 'master'

Refinement support for BoundaryFromDomainBorder

See merge request walberla/walberla!95
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......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ void BoundaryFromDomainBorder<Handling>::init( stencil::Direction direction,
const cell_idx_t wd = wallDistance;
CellInterval dBB = blocks_.getDomainCellBB();
CellInterval dBB = blocks_.getDomainCellBB( blocks_.getLevel(*blockIt) );
for( uint_t dim = 0; dim< 3; ++dim )
switch ( stencil::c[dim][direction] )
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