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# cx-custom-gitlab-runner
# Runner setup
First, the runner has to be set up as a custom runner and registered with the corresponding GitLab instance following the standard procedure.
The config (example in `runner_config`) needs to be adjusted to point with their `config_exec` and `run_exec` entries to the respective scripts in the runner_scripts folder.
Scripts need to be selected depending on runner privileges: `root` (allows change of users) or `user` (can only execute jobs as this user).
Note, that paths in those scripts might need to be adjusted.
# Cx with `.gitlab-ci.yml`
First, the username to authenticate with has to be set using the `AUTH_USER` variable.
Second, a key pair has to be generated, of which the private key is added as a CI variable `AUTH_KEY` in reposity settings > CI/CD.
The public one has to be added to `~/gitlab-runner/authorized_keys`, where `~` signifies the `AUTH_USER`'s home.
An example `.gitlab-ci.yml` file can be found in the root of this repository.
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