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Added test for raytracing

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......@@ -112,3 +112,6 @@ waLBerla_execute_test( NAME PE_STATICTYPEIDS )
waLBerla_compile_test( NAME PE_UNION FILES Union.cpp DEPENDS core )
waLBerla_execute_test( NAME PE_UNION )
waLBerla_compile_test( NAME PE_RAYTRACING FILES Raytracing.cpp DEPENDS core )
waLBerla_execute_test( NAME PE_RAYTRACING )
#include "pe/utility/BodyCast.h"
#include "pe/Materials.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/Box.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/Capsule.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/Sphere.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/Plane.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/Union.h"
#include "pe/rigidbody/SetBodyTypeIDs.h"
#include "pe/Types.h"
#include "core/debug/TestSubsystem.h"
#include "core/DataTypes.h"
#include "core/math/Vector3.h"
#include <pe/raytracing/Ray.h>
#include <pe/raytracing/Intersects.h>
using namespace walberla;
using namespace walberla::pe;
using namespace walberla::pe::raytracing;
typedef boost::tuple<Box, Capsule, Plane, Sphere> BodyTuple;
void SphereIntersectsTest()
MaterialID iron = Material::find("iron");
Sphere sp1(123, 1, Vec3(3,3,3), Vec3(0,0,0), Quat(), 2, iron, false, true, false);
// ray through the center
Ray ray1(Vec3(-5,3,3), Vec3(1,0,0));
real_t t;
WALBERLA_LOG_INFO("RAY -> SPHERE: through center (hitting)");
WALBERLA_CHECK(intersects(&sp1, &ray1, &t));
WALBERLA_CHECK(realIsEqual(t, real_t(6)))
// ray tangential
Ray ray2(Vec3(-5,3,3), Vec3(7.5,0,sqrt(real_t(15))/real_t(2)));
WALBERLA_LOG_INFO("RAY -> SPHERE: tangential (not hitting)");
WALBERLA_CHECK(!intersects(&sp1, &ray2, &t));
int main( int argc, char** argv )
walberla::MPIManager::instance()->initializeMPI( &argc, &argv );
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