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......@@ -171,6 +171,9 @@ void Raytracer::writeTBufferToFile(const std::map<Coordinates, real_t, Coordinat
/*!\brief Checks if a plane should get rendered.
* \param plane Plane to check for visibility.
* \param ray Ray which is intersected with plane.
* Checks if a plane should get rendered by comparing the planes normal and the ray direction.
* If the rays direction vectors projection on the planes normal is positive, the plane is considered invisible.
bool Raytracer::isPlaneVisible(const PlaneID plane, const Ray& ray) const {
return plane->getNormal() * ray.getDirection() < 0;
......@@ -235,6 +235,9 @@ inline void Raytracer::setTBufferOutputDirectory(const std::string& path) {
/*!\brief Does one raytracing step.
* \param timestep The timestep after which the raytracing starts.
* \attention Planes will not get rendered if their normal and the rays direction point in the approximately
* same direction. See Raytracer::isPlaneVisible() for further information.
template <typename BodyTypeTuple>
void Raytracer::rayTrace(const size_t timestep) const {
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