Commit a67bb955 authored by Lukas Werner's avatar Lukas Werner
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Some more config error checking in Raytracer constructor

parent 2e520437
......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ Raytracer::Raytracer(const shared_ptr<BlockStorage>& forest, BlockDataID storage
Raytracer::Raytracer(const shared_ptr<BlockStorage> & forest, BlockDataID storageID,
const Config::BlockHandle& config) : forest_(forest), storageID_(storageID) {
WALBERLA_CHECK(config.isValid(), "No valid config passed to raytracer");
pixelsHorizontal_ = config.getParameter<uint8_t>("image_x");
pixelsVertical_ = config.getParameter<uint8_t>("image_y");
fov_vertical_ = config.getParameter<real_t>("fov_vertical");
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