Commit ae5fb0ed authored by Sebastian Eibl's avatar Sebastian Eibl

tried to fix msvc warning

parent f729257c
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......@@ -51,14 +51,16 @@ public:
void push( walberla::vtk::Base64Writer& b64, const uint_t data, const uint_t point, const uint_t component ) override;
template <typename T>
void addOutput(const std::string& name, std::shared_ptr<IOutputSelector> selector = std::make_shared<OutputSelector<T>>(T()));
void addOutput(const std::string& name) { addOutput(name, std::make_shared<OutputSelector<T>>(T())); }
void addOutput(const std::string& name, std::shared_ptr<IOutputSelector> selector);
data::ParticleStorage& ps_;
std::vector<std::pair<std::string, std::shared_ptr<IOutputSelector>>> selectors_;
template <typename T>
void ParticleVtkOutput::addOutput(const std::string& name, std::shared_ptr<IOutputSelector> selector)
if ( std::find_if(selectors_.begin(), selectors_.end(), [&name](const auto& item){return item.first==name;} ) !=
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