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Merge branch 'fluctuating' into 'master'

Fluctuating MRT: use the correct prefactors

See merge request pycodegen/lbmpy!11
parents 4203fa7f a77e80fa
......@@ -12,31 +12,32 @@ from pystencils.rng import PhiloxFourFloats, random_symbol
from pystencils.simp.assignment_collection import SymbolGen
def add_fluctuations_to_collision_rule(collision_rule, temperature=None, variances=(),
def add_fluctuations_to_collision_rule(collision_rule, temperature=None, amplitudes=(),
block_offsets=(0, 0, 0), seed=TypedSymbol("seed", np.uint32),
rng_node=PhiloxFourFloats, c_s_sq=sp.Rational(1, 3)):
if not (temperature and not variances) or (temperature and variances):
raise ValueError("Fluctuating LBM: Pass either 'temperature' or 'variances'.")
if not (temperature and not amplitudes) or (temperature and amplitudes):
raise ValueError("Fluctuating LBM: Pass either 'temperature' or 'amplitudes'.")
method = collision_rule.method
if not variances:
variances = fluctuating_variance_from_temperature(method, temperature, c_s_sq)
if not amplitudes:
amplitudes = fluctuation_amplitude_from_temperature(method, temperature, c_s_sq)
if block_offsets == 'walberla':
block_offsets = tuple(TypedSymbol("block_offset_{}".format(i), np.uint32) for i in range(3))
rng_symbol_gen = random_symbol(collision_rule.subexpressions, seed,
rng_node=rng_node, dim=method.dim, offsets=block_offsets)
correction = fluctuation_correction(method, rng_symbol_gen, variances)
correction = fluctuation_correction(method, rng_symbol_gen, amplitudes)
for i, corr in enumerate(correction):
collision_rule.main_assignments[i] = Assignment(collision_rule.main_assignments[i].lhs,
collision_rule.main_assignments[i].rhs + corr)
def fluctuating_variance_from_temperature(method, temperature, c_s_sq=sp.Symbol("c_s") ** 2):
"""Produces variance equations according to (3.54) in Schiller08"""
normalization_factors = abs(method.moment_matrix) * sp.Matrix(method.weights)
def fluctuation_amplitude_from_temperature(method, temperature, c_s_sq=sp.Symbol("c_s") ** 2):
"""Produces amplitude equations according to (2.60) and (3.54) in Schiller08"""
normalization_factors = sp.matrix_multiply_elementwise(method.moment_matrix, method.moment_matrix) * \
density = method.zeroth_order_equilibrium_moment_symbol
if method.conserved_quantity_computation.zero_centered_pdfs:
density += 1
......@@ -45,14 +46,14 @@ def fluctuating_variance_from_temperature(method, temperature, c_s_sq=sp.Symbol(
for norm, rr in zip(normalization_factors, method.relaxation_rates)]
def fluctuation_correction(method, rng_generator, variances=SymbolGen("variance")):
def fluctuation_correction(method, rng_generator, amplitudes=SymbolGen("phi")):
"""Returns additive correction terms to be added to the the collided pdfs"""
conserved_moments = {sp.sympify(1), *MOMENT_SYMBOLS}
# A diagonal matrix containing the random fluctuations
random_matrix = sp.Matrix([0 if m in conserved_moments else (next(rng_generator) - 0.5) * sp.sqrt(12)
for m in method.moments])
random_variance = sp.diag(*[v for v, _ in zip(iter(variances), method.moments)])
amplitude_matrix = sp.diag(*[v for v, _ in zip(iter(amplitudes), method.moments)])
# corrections are applied in real space hence we need to convert to real space here
return method.moment_matrix.inv() * random_variance * random_matrix
return method.moment_matrix.inv() * amplitude_matrix * random_matrix
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