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Dead code removal

- substitute_array_accesses_with_constants
- get_loop_hierarchy
parent 87eae105
......@@ -261,61 +261,6 @@ def parse_base_pointer_info(base_pointer_specification, loop_order, spatial_dime
return result
def substitute_array_accesses_with_constants(ast_node):
"""Substitutes all instances of Indexed (array accesses) that are not field accesses with constants.
Benchmarks showed that using an array access as loop bound or in pointer computations cause some compilers to do
less optimizations.
This transformation should be after field accesses have been resolved (since they introduce array accesses) and
before constants are moved before the loops.
def handle_sympy_expression(expr, parent_block):
"""Returns sympy expression where array accesses have been replaced with constants, together with a list
of assignments that define these constants"""
if not isinstance(expr, sp.Expr):
return expr
# get all indexed expressions that are not field accesses
indexed_expressions = [e for e in expr.atoms(sp.Indexed) if not isinstance(e, ast.ResolvedFieldAccess)]
if len(indexed_expressions) == 0:
return expr
# special case: right hand side is a single indexed expression, then nothing has to be done
if len(indexed_expressions) == 1 and expr == indexed_expressions[0]:
return expr
constants_definitions = []
constant_substitutions = {}
for indexed_expr in indexed_expressions:
base, idx = indexed_expr.args
typed_symbol = base.args[0]
base_type = deepcopy(get_base_type(typed_symbol.dtype))
base_type.const = False
constant_replacing_indexed = TypedSymbol( + str(idx), base_type)
constants_definitions.append(ast.SympyAssignment(constant_replacing_indexed, indexed_expr))
constant_substitutions[indexed_expr] = constant_replacing_indexed
constants_definitions.sort(key=lambda e:
already_defined = parent_block.symbols_defined
for new_assignment in constants_definitions:
if new_assignment.lhs not in already_defined:
parent_block.insert_before(new_assignment, ast_node)
return expr.subs(constant_substitutions)
if isinstance(ast_node, ast.SympyAssignment):
ast_node.rhs = handle_sympy_expression(ast_node.rhs, ast_node.parent)
ast_node.lhs = handle_sympy_expression(ast_node.lhs, ast_node.parent)
elif isinstance(ast_node, ast.LoopOverCoordinate):
ast_node.start = handle_sympy_expression(ast_node.start, ast_node.parent)
ast_node.stop = handle_sympy_expression(ast_node.stop, ast_node.parent)
ast_node.step = handle_sympy_expression(ast_node.step, ast_node.parent)
for a in ast_node.args:
def get_base_buffer_index(ast_node, loop_counters=None, loop_iterations=None):
"""Used for buffer fields to determine the linearized index of the buffer dependent on loop counter symbols.
......@@ -1035,21 +980,6 @@ def get_optimal_loop_ordering(fields):
return list(layout)
def get_loop_hierarchy(ast_node):
"""Determines the loop structure around a given AST node, i.e. the node has to be inside the loops.
sequence of LoopOverCoordinate nodes, starting from outer loop to innermost loop
result = []
node = ast_node
while node is not None:
node = get_next_parent_of_type(node, ast.LoopOverCoordinate)
if node:
return reversed(result)
def replace_inner_stride_with_one(ast_node: ast.KernelFunction) -> None:
"""Replaces the stride of the innermost loop of a variable sized kernel with 1 (assumes optimal loop ordering).
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