Commit 0cdb8981 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Removed unused deprecated functions from sympyextensions

parent 2f213e10
......@@ -135,40 +135,6 @@ def fast_subs(expression: T, substitutions: Dict,
return visit(expression)
def fast_subs_and_normalize(expression, substitutions: Dict[sp.Expr, sp.Expr],
normalize: Callable[[sp.Expr], sp.Expr]) -> sp.Expr:
"""Similar to fast_subs, but calls a normalization function on all substituted terms to save one AST traversal."""
def visit(expr):
if expr in substitutions:
return substitutions[expr], True
if not hasattr(expr, 'args'):
return expr, False
param_list = []
substituted = False
for a in expr.args:
replaced_expr, s = visit(a)
if s:
substituted = True
if not param_list:
return expr, False
if substituted:
result, _ = visit(normalize(expr.func(*param_list)))
return result, True
return expr.func(*param_list), False
if len(substitutions) == 0:
return expression
res, _ = visit(expression)
return res
def subs_additive(expr: sp.Expr, replacement: sp.Expr, subexpression: sp.Expr,
required_match_replacement: Optional[Union[int, float]] = 0.5,
required_match_original: Optional[Union[int, float]] = None) -> sp.Expr:
......@@ -186,6 +152,8 @@ def subs_additive(expr: sp.Expr, replacement: sp.Expr, subexpression: sp.Expr,
3*x + 3*y + z
>>> subs_additive(3*x + 3*y + z, replacement=k, subexpression=x+y+z, required_match_original=0.5)
3*k - 2*z
>>> subs_additive(3*x + 3*y + z, replacement=k, subexpression=x+y+z, required_match_original=2)
3*k - 2*z
expr: input expression
......@@ -401,15 +369,6 @@ def complete_the_squares_in_exp(expr: sp.Expr, symbols_to_complete: Sequence[sp.
return result
def pow2mul(expr):
"""Convert integer powers in an expression to Muls, like a**2 => a*a. """
powers = list(expr.atoms(sp.Pow))
if any(not e.is_Integer for b, e in (i.as_base_exp() for i in powers)):
raise ValueError("A power contains a non-integer exponent")
substitutions = zip(powers, (sp.Mul(*[b]*e, evaluate=False) for b, e in (i.as_base_exp() for i in powers)))
return expr.subs(substitutions)
def extract_most_common_factor(term):
"""Processes a sum of fractions: determines the most common factor and splits term in common factor and rest"""
coefficient_dict = term.as_coefficients_dict()
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