Commit 5cee4ded authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Fix in vectorization when directly storing constants

parent b3d7062a
......@@ -164,8 +164,14 @@ class CBackend:
if aligned:
instr = 'stream' if nontemporal else 'storeA'
rhs_type = get_type_of_expression(node.rhs)
if type(rhs_type) is not VectorType:
rhs = cast_func(node.rhs, VectorType(rhs_type))
rhs = node.rhs
return self._vectorInstructionSet[instr].format("&" + self.sympy_printer.doprint(node.lhs.args[0]),
self.sympy_printer.doprint(node.rhs)) + ';'
self.sympy_printer.doprint(rhs)) + ';'
return "%s = %s;" % (self.sympy_printer.doprint(node.lhs), self.sympy_printer.doprint(node.rhs))
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