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Moved liveness opts to separate branch until integration is finished

parent 0cba271c
from sympy import Symbol, Dummy
from pystencils import Field, Assignment
import random
import copy
def get_usage(atoms):
reg_usage = {}
for atom in atoms:
reg_usage[atom.lhs] = 0
for atom in atoms:
for arg in atom.rhs.atoms():
if isinstance(arg, Symbol) and not isinstance(arg, Field.Access):
if arg in reg_usage:
reg_usage[arg] += 1
print(str(arg) + " is unsatisfied")
return reg_usage
def get_definitions(eqs):
definitions = {}
for eq in eqs:
definitions[eq.lhs] = eq
return definitions
def get_roots(eqs):
roots = []
for eq in eqs:
if isinstance(eq.lhs, Field.Access):
if not roots:
return roots
def merge_field_accesses(eqs):
field_accesses = {}
for eq in eqs:
for arg in eq.rhs.atoms():
if isinstance(arg, Field.Access) and arg not in field_accesses:
field_accesses[arg] = Dummy()
for i in range(0, len(eqs)):
for f, s in field_accesses.items():
if f in eqs[i].atoms():
eqs[i] = eqs[i].subs(f, s)
for f, s in field_accesses.items():
eqs.insert(0, Assignment(s, f))
return eqs
def refuse_eqs(input_eqs, max_depth=0, max_usage=1):
eqs = copy.copy(input_eqs)
usages = get_usage(eqs)
definitions = get_definitions(eqs)
def inline_trivially_schedulable(sym, depth):
if sym not in usages or usages[sym] > max_usage or depth > max_depth:
return sym
rhs = definitions[sym].rhs
if len(rhs.args) == 0:
return rhs
return rhs.func(*[inline_trivially_schedulable(arg, depth + 1) for arg in rhs.args])
for idx, eq in enumerate(eqs):
if usages[eq.lhs] > 1 or isinstance(eq.lhs, Field.Access):
if not isinstance(eq.rhs, Symbol):
eqs[idx] = Assignment(eq.lhs,
eq.rhs.func(*[inline_trivially_schedulable(arg, 0) for arg in eq.rhs.args]))
count = 0
while (len(eqs) != count):
count = len(eqs)
usages = get_usage(eqs)
eqs = [eq for eq in eqs if usages[eq.lhs] > 0 or isinstance(eq.lhs, Field.Access)]
return eqs
def schedule_eqs(eqs, candidate_count=20):
if candidate_count == 0:
return eqs
definitions = get_definitions(eqs)
definition_atoms = {}
for sym, definition in definitions.items():
definition_atoms[sym] = list(definition.rhs.atoms(Symbol))
roots = get_roots(eqs)
initial_usages = get_usage(eqs)
level = 0
current_level_set = set([frozenset(roots)])
current_usages = {frozenset(roots): {u: 0 for u in roots}}
current_schedules = {frozenset(roots): (0, [])}
max_regs = 0
while len(current_level_set) > 0:
new_usages = dict()
new_schedules = dict()
new_level_set = set()
min_regs = min([len(current_usages[dec_set]) for dec_set in current_level_set])
max_regs = max(max_regs, min_regs)
candidates = [(dec_set, len(current_usages[dec_set])) for dec_set in current_level_set]
candidates.sort(key=lambda d: d[1])
for dec_set, regs in candidates[:candidate_count]:
for dec in dec_set:
new_dec_set = set(dec_set)
usage = dict(current_usages[dec_set])
atoms = definition_atoms[dec]
for arg in atoms:
if not isinstance(arg, Field.Access):
argu = usage.get(arg, initial_usages[arg]) - 1
if argu == 0:
usage[arg] = argu
frozen_new_dec_set = frozenset(new_dec_set)
schedule = current_schedules[dec_set]
max_reg_count = max(len(usage), schedule[0])
if frozen_new_dec_set not in new_schedules or max_reg_count < new_schedules[frozen_new_dec_set][0]:
new_schedule = list(schedule[1])
new_schedules[frozen_new_dec_set] = (max_reg_count, new_schedule)
if len(frozen_new_dec_set) > 0:
new_usages[frozen_new_dec_set] = usage
current_schedules = new_schedules
current_usages = new_usages
current_level_set = new_level_set
level += 1
schedule = current_schedules[frozenset()]
return (schedule[1])
def liveness_opt_transformation(eqs):
return refuse_eqs(merge_field_accesses(schedule_eqs(eqs, 3)), 1, 3)
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