Commit f47d9378 authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Bugfix: `replace_inner_stride_with_one` did not work

- bug was caused by change in stride parameter passing
parent 341b9704
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ from pystencils.assignment_collection.nestedscopes import NestedScopes
from pystencils.field import Field, FieldType
from pystencils.data_types import TypedSymbol, PointerType, StructType, get_base_type, cast_func, \
pointer_arithmetic_func, get_type_of_expression, collate_types, create_type
from pystencils.kernelparameters import FieldPointerSymbol, FieldStrideSymbol
from pystencils.kernelparameters import FieldPointerSymbol
from pystencils.slicing import normalize_slice
import pystencils.astnodes as ast
......@@ -1001,10 +1001,9 @@ def replace_inner_stride_with_one(ast_node: ast.KernelFunction) -> None:
inner_loop_counter = inner_loop_counters.pop()
stride_params = [p for p in ast_node.get_parameters() if isinstance(p.symbol, FieldStrideSymbol)]
subs_dict = {}
for stride_param in stride_params:
stride_symbol = stride_param.symbol
subs_dict.update({IndexedBase(stride_symbol, shape=(1,))[inner_loop_counter]: 1})
parameters = ast_node.get_parameters()
stride_params = [p.symbol for p in parameters
if p.is_field_stride and p.symbol.coordinate == inner_loop_counter]
subs_dict = {stride_param: 1 for stride_param in stride_params}
if subs_dict:
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