Commit d5c24d0f authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Fix: printing of double/float constants

- for example: sqrt(cast_func(3, double)) previously printed "sqrt(3)"
  instead of "sqrt(3.0)" leading to errors in CUDA code
parent 440866e2
from collections import namedtuple
from typing import Set
import numpy as np
import sympy as sp
from sympy.core import S
from sympy.printing.ccode import C89CodePrinter
......@@ -360,13 +361,10 @@ class CustomSympyPrinter(CCodePrinter):
def _typed_number(self, number, dtype):
res = self._print(number)
if dtype.is_float():
if dtype == self._float_type:
if '.' not in res:
res += ".0f"
res += "f"
return res
if dtype.numpy_dtype == np.float32:
return res + '.0f' if '.' not in res else res + 'f'
elif dtype.numpy_dtype == np.float64:
return res + '.0' if '.' not in res else res
return res
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