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    Starts disentangling of VTKOutput class · 261fd4a5
    Marcus Mohr authored
    Commits places the following free functions in the new file VTKHelpers.hpp
    - writeXMLHeader()
    - writeXMLFooter()
    - writePieceHeader()
    - writePieceFooter()
    They now belong to the namespace vtk.
    We also convert VTKOutput::openDataElement() into a free function, placed
    in the same file and namespace as above.
    Additionally we remove the class enum VTKOutput::VTK_DATA_FORMAT and replace
    it by vtk::DataFormat.
    The private methods
    - writeP1()
    - writeVertexDoFData()
    - writeP1VectorFunctionData()
    are now members of a new VTKP1Writer friend class.
    The private methods
    - writeP2()
    - writeSingleP2Function()
    - writeSingleP2VectorFunction()
    are now members of a new VTKP2Writer friend class.
    The private method
    - writeDGDoF()
    is now a member of a new VTKDGDoFWriter friend class.
    Finally we modify the VTKOutputTest so that some data are actually written
    in base64 encoded binary