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Eigen submodule

Nils Kohl requested to merge kohl/eigen-submodule into master

Introducing Eigen as git-submodule.

This allows for easy installation as no paths must be set and Eigen does not need to be downloaded manually by the user.


  • Eigen for some linear algebra operations

    Eigen is automatically cloned as a git submodule. Therefore to activate Eigen, simply set the cmake variable HYTEG_BUILD_WITH_EIGEN to ON, e.g. via:

    $ cmake ../hyteg -DHYTEG_BUILD_WITH_EIGEN=ON

    CMake will automatically find the Eigen submodule, there is no need to specify a path or to download Eigen at all.

For now we decided to make "build with Eigen" optional and default to OFF. However, it is cloned regardless with --recurse-submodules. The reason for that is to minimize compile time whenever possible (although Eigen is a header-only library, some of our tests or apps are not built if Eigen is disabled).

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