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Collects all applyDirichletBC() free-functions in one file

Marcus Mohr requested to merge mohr/cleanupPETScIncludes into master

The free-functions hyteg::applyDirichletBC() no longer depend on PETSc, but were still in header files such as P2Petsc.hpp. This merge collects them all into a new file sparseassembly/DirichletBCs.hpp.

This allows to remove the following, now empty, header files

  • composites/petsc/P1StokesPetsc.hpp
  • composites/petsc/P2P1TaylorHoodPetsc.hpp
  • composites/petsc/P2P2StabilizedStokesPetsc.hpp
  • p2functionspace/P2Petsc.hpp

and cleanup includes.

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