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"Vectorisation" of Stokes-type operators

Marcus Mohr requested to merge mohr/VectoriseStokesOperators-mc into master

The merge aims at "vectorising" our Stokes-type operators. By this I mean that they start using instances of the templated

  1. VectorToVectorOperator
  2. ScalarToVectorOperator
  3. VectorToVectorOperator

classes instead of individual scalar-to-scalar operators.

  • Points 2 and 3 have been completely implemented, i.e. all Stokes-type operators now use a corresponding div and divT operator instead of div_{x,y,z} and divT_{x,y,z}.
  • Point 1 has been implemented for all 'true' Stokes operators, i.e. those with a Vector Laplacian for the velocity field. They now use a corresponding VectorLaplaceOperator instance. Via the member function getA() they provide access to the associated scalar Laplace operator.

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