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Upgrade in the plates module in assigning plates to points

Berta Vilacís requested to merge bvilacis/plates-point-in-polygon-3D into master

The function point-in-polygon that finds which plate belongs the point has been upgraded. Now, it uses the coordinates lon, lat and places the point and the polygon at the surface of a sphere using the boost library. It also calculates the distance from the point to the polygon using the functionalities of the boost library. Each point has a unique solution to the polygon that belongs to.

Also we generalised plates, such as, internally it does the conversion from xyz to lon lat coordinate system, allowing the user to pass in any xyz point in any radius.

The dependency of plates to CGAL has been removed and such the cmake files have been modified.

(commits 1a46caad, 0c7ed8c5 and 244525a9)

Edited by Berta Vilacís

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