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Enriched Galerkin functionspace

Fabian Böhm requested to merge boehm/eval_eq_tmp into master

Adds the Enriched Galerkin discretization to HyTeG, contained in directory src/hyteg/egfunctionspace:

  • Forms for mass, div, divt, Laplacian and epsilon
  • corresponding operators with and without Nitsche-type boundary conditions (Nitsche-operators are preferred due to their symmetry)
  • a Stokes-function and operators in directory src/hyteg/composites
  • interpolation operators between DG and CG of first degree with P1toDGOperator in directory src/hyteg/dgfunctionspace
  • additional addVolumeGhostlayer functionality in vertexDoFFunction required in P1toP0Operator and P0toP1Operator

Two benchmarks with strongy varying viscosity from literature reside in apps/2022-eg-varvisc.

tests/hyteg/egfunctionspace contains tests for operator symmetry, forms, matvec/apply, basic operations of EGFunction and convergence tests.

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