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Blending with Nedelec elements

Daniel Bauer requested to merge bauerd/n1e1-blending into master

With these changes it is possible to use blending maps together with Nedelec elements.

Additional changes to the framework:

  • Makes it possible to generate a partial toroidal mesh. Instead of the full ring, we can now generate only a slice (in toroidal direction) (78451052)
  • Refactoring: Because of the new option for the toroidal mesh generator numToroidalSlices (and mutatis mutandis numPoloidalSlices) is renamed to toroidalResolution throughout the code (53df9cfb)
  • Fixes at least one occurrence of auto being used for Point3D. This used to work, however, now that PointND is an Eigen vector, it just asks for trouble.


  • Forms (curl-curl, mass, linear form) with blending
  • Interpolate/evaluate with blending
  • GMG L2-Convergence with blending (on a toroidal slice)
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