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Allow use of isoparametric elements in VTKOutput for P2Functions

Marcus Mohr requested to merge mohr/vtk_quadratic_triangle+tetra-mc into master

The merge introduces a change to the functionality of the VTKOutput class. When writing P2(Vector)Functions the default now is to use VTK_QUADRATIC_TRIANGLE or VTK_QUADRATIC_TETRA as cell type.

The old way to export these functions as P1Functions on a refined mesh is for the moment still supported and can be activated by calling

  • setUseVTKQuadraticTriangle( false ) or
  • setUseVTKQuadraticTetra( false )

on the corresponding VTKOutput object.

Comparison of the old versus the new approach looks good so far. In the following figures the left part shows a visualisation with the old and the right with the new approach:



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