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Make setting of parameters in AdiosWriter more convenient

Marcus Mohr requested to merge mohr/ParametersForAdiosWriter into master

There are two approaches to set parameters in ADIOS2, either directly via function calls or via a configuration file in XML or YAML format whose name is passed to the central ADIOS2 object at construction.

  1. The MR makes the configuration file approach more convenient by changing the names of our internal IO objects. We unfortunately need to create one adios2::IO object for each output level and for each function family. Previously their names were given by the full name of the respective output including its path. Now they become more generic:
    • AdiosWriterP1-level<level number>
    • AdiosWriterP2-level<level number>
  2. The MR brings a working version of AdiosWriter::setParameter() which so far had not been implemented.

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