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New generated Stokes operators

Nils Kohl requested to merge kohl/generated-operators-for-stokes into master

See #246 (closed) for extended discussion


New module hyteg_operators_composites

This MR adds a new module hyteg_operators_composites that contains composite operators that are built from generated operators.

For now, three variants of Stokes operators have been added:

  • P2P1StokesConstantOperator
  • P2P1StokesEpsilonOperator
  • P2P1StokesFullOperator

including the necessary viscous, divergence and gradient operators plus their IcosahedralShellMap blending versions.

The new module also comes with a short README.


The MR extends and modifies

  • P2P1ElementwiseStokesOperatorTest (Stokes constant, 2D + 3D)
  • P2P1ElementwiseStokesOperatorTest (full Stokes w/ blending, 3D)
  • ElementwiseEpsilonMinResConvergenceTest (Stokes epsilon, 2D + 3D)
  • DivergenceOperatorTest (divergence, 2D + 3D)
  • ViscousOperatorsTest (epsilon + full viscous block, 2D )

to test the new composites.

At least the 2D versions of all non-blending Stokes operators are now tested to some extent.

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