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Draft: Adding tool for parameter file handling

Eugenio D'Ascoli requested to merge edascoli/TNParameterHandling into master

For the handling of parsing, printing and storing relevant parameterisations and corresponding data (e.g. background viscosity profiles) a new tool "ParameterTool.hpp" is available within the src/terraneo/helpers directory. TerraNeo's utilised data structures will be available within the directory src/terraneo/helpers in "TerraNeoDataStructures.hpp". Implementation of the parameter tool allows users to parse and log the parameters file content and provides the possibility to load and store background profile data (i.e. background viscosity profile). The background profile can be handed over in .json format or as .txt/.csv file. With one column containing the depth/radius [km] and the second column containing the physical quantity of interest in SI units. This should allow us to modularise parameter data handling within convection apps and lets us stay closer to master according to issue #243 .

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