Commit 698b2d1f authored by Dominik Thoennes's avatar Dominik Thoennes
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disable test since it takes too long

parent 120f0633
......@@ -51,9 +51,7 @@ if ( WALBERLA_BUILD_WITH_OPENMESH )
waLBerla_execute_test( NAME DistributedMeshVTKTest COMMAND $<TARGET_FILE:DistributedMeshVTKTest> sphere.obj )
waLBerla_compile_test( FILES PeVTKMeshWriterTest.cpp DEPENDS mesh )
waLBerla_execute_test( NAME PeVTKMeshWriterTest COMMAND $<TARGET_FILE:PeVTKMeshWriterTest> )
set_property( TEST PeVTKMeshWriterTest PROPERTY TIMEOUT 3000 )
waLBerla_compile_test( FILES MeshPeRaytracing.cpp DEPENDS mesh pe )
waLBerla_execute_test( NAME MeshPeRaytracing )
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