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Merge branch 'equilibrium_fixes' into 'master'

Creationfunctions now update LBMConfig. Small fix to `GenericDiscreteEquilibrium`.

See merge request !122
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......@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@ of the generated code is specified.
This step compiles the AST into an executable function, either for CPU or GPUs. This function
behaves like a normal Python function and runs one LBM time step.
Each stage (apart from *Function*) also adds its result to the given `LBMConfig` object. The `LBMConfig`
thus coalesces all information defining the LBM kernel.
The function :func:`create_lb_function` runs the whole pipeline, the other functions in this module
execute this pipeline only up to a certain step. Each function optionally also takes the result of the previous step.
......@@ -525,11 +528,12 @@ def create_lb_ast(update_rule=None, lbm_config=None, lbm_optimisation=None, conf
field_types = set(fa.field.dtype for fa in update_rule.defined_symbols if isinstance(fa, Field.Access))
config = replace(config, data_type=collate_types(field_types), ghost_layers=1)
res = create_kernel(update_rule, config=config)
ast = create_kernel(update_rule, config=config)
res.method = update_rule.method
res.update_rule = update_rule
return res
ast.method = update_rule.method
ast.update_rule = update_rule
lbm_config.ast = ast
return ast
......@@ -568,8 +572,9 @@ def create_lb_update_rule(collision_rule=None, lbm_config=None, lbm_optimisation
dst_field = src_field.new_field_with_different_name(lbm_config.temporary_field_name)
kernel_type = lbm_config.kernel_type
update_rule = None
if kernel_type == 'stream_pull_only':
return create_stream_pull_with_output_kernel(lb_method, src_field, dst_field, lbm_config.output)
update_rule = create_stream_pull_with_output_kernel(lb_method, src_field, dst_field, lbm_config.output)
if kernel_type == 'default_stream_collide':
if lbm_config.streaming_pattern == 'pull' and any(lbm_optimisation.builtin_periodicity):
......@@ -582,7 +587,10 @@ def create_lb_update_rule(collision_rule=None, lbm_config=None, lbm_optimisation
accessor = kernel_type
raise ValueError("Invalid value of parameter 'kernel_type'", lbm_config.kernel_type)
return create_lbm_kernel(collision_rule, src_field, dst_field, accessor)
update_rule = create_lbm_kernel(collision_rule, src_field, dst_field, accessor)
lbm_config.update_rule = update_rule
return update_rule
......@@ -680,6 +688,7 @@ def create_lb_collision_rule(lb_method=None, lbm_config=None, lbm_optimisation=N
if lbm_optimisation.cse_global:
collision_rule = sympy_cse(collision_rule)
lbm_config.collision_rule = collision_rule
return collision_rule
......@@ -756,6 +765,7 @@ def create_lb_method(lbm_config=None, **params):
if lbm_config.entropic:
lbm_config.method = method
return method
......@@ -47,6 +47,10 @@ class GenericDiscreteEquilibrium(AbstractEquilibrium):
if len(equilibrium_pdfs) != stencil.Q:
raise ValueError(f"Wrong number of PDFs."
f"On the {stencil} stencil, exactly {stencil.Q} populations must be passed!")
self._stencil = stencil
self._pdfs = tuple(equilibrium_pdfs)
self._zeroth_order_moment_symbol = zeroth_order_moment_symbol
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