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Adaption to new API

Markus Holzer requested to merge holzer/lbmpy:Fixes into master

With this MR, all test cases etc should be adapted to the new API. Since all test cases are touched anyway some adaptions are made additionally. The vast majority is just formatting and removing for loops over parameter sets completely to replace it with the pytest functionality. A larger change is the removal of the serial scenarios since these used the LBM module of waLBerlas python coupling. However, this module is removed for almost a year now.

Furthermore, the broken elementwise multiplication from SymPy is removed (

Further changes:

  • It is not simple to build entropic collision operators when forces are involved. A long and clear error message has been added if such a case occurs
  • Default moment sets have been moved to their own file as they only pollute the creation functions
  • Addition of better documentation for the LBMConfig and LBMOptimisation Classes
  • Addition of the _get_relaxation_info_dict function which defines how relaxation rates are set for all methods.
  • Dokumentation for the Enum classes
  • Filter warnings for third party warnings
  • Fixing of the maximum supported SymPy version to 1.9
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