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Use Gram-Schmidt for create_mrt_orthogonal

Michael Kuron requested to merge orthogonal into master
  • orthogonalize automatically if no moments from literature are provided
  • must specify whether weighted or unweighted orthogonality is desired
  • add lbmpy.moments.is_bulk_mode and make lbmpy.moments.is_shear_mode also detect the diagonal modes
  • use the bulk mode (x^2+y^2+z^2-1) in orthogonalization so we get the same physical modes as in literature

We now match the literature MRTs in all the physical moments. The only exception is D3Q27, which chooses a different linear combination for the shear moments. Differences in the higher-order moments remain, but they have no effect on the model.

Fixes #5 (closed)

Edited by Michael Kuron

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