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Test for smagorinsky output field

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......@@ -61,3 +61,16 @@ class WalberlaLbmpyCodegenTest(unittest.TestCase):
lb_method = create_lb_method(stencil='D3Q19', method='srt', relaxation_rates=[omega], compressible=False)
generate_lattice_model(ctx, 'Model', lb_method, update_rule_params={'compressible': False})
assert 'static const bool compressible = false;' in ctx.files['Model.h']
def test_output_field():
with ManualCodeGenerationContext(openmp=True, double_accuracy=True) as ctx:
omega_field = ps.fields("omega_out: [3D]", layout='fzyx')
parameters = {
'stencil': 'D3Q19',
'method': 'trt',
'smagorinsky': True,
'omega_output_field': omega_field,
lb_method = create_lb_method(**parameters)
generate_lattice_model(ctx, 'Model', lb_method, update_rule_params=parameters)
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