Commit e79e848e authored by Martin Bauer's avatar Martin Bauer
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Sparse (List) LBM refactoring

- separate lbmpy module
- code generation for walberla
- isolated code to generate a listlbm update rule from collision rule
parent 56a8cc0a
import numpy as np
from lbmpy.sparse import create_symbolic_list, create_lb_update_rule_sparse, create_macroscopic_value_getter_sparse, \
from pystencils import TypedSymbol, create_kernel
class ListLbGenerator:
>>> from lbmpy.creationfunctions import create_lb_collision_rule
>>> from pystencils import show_code
>>> g = ListLbGenerator(create_lb_collision_rule())
>>> kernel_code = str(show_code(g.kernel()))
>>> setter_code = str(show_code(g.setter_ast()))
>>> getter_code = str(show_code(g.getter_ast()))
def __init__(self, collision_rule, pdf_type=np.float64, index_type=np.uint32, layout='SoA'):
self.collision_rule = collision_rule
num_cells = TypedSymbol('num_cells', np.uint64)
method = self.collision_rule.method
q = len(method.stencil)
self.num_cells = num_cells
self.src = create_symbolic_list('src', num_cells, q, pdf_type, layout)
self.dst = create_symbolic_list('dst', num_cells, q, pdf_type, layout)
self.idx = create_symbolic_list('idx', num_cells, q, index_type, layout)
def kernel(self, kernel_type='stream_pull_collide'):
ac = create_lb_update_rule_sparse(self.collision_rule, self.src, self.dst, self.idx, kernel_type)
return create_kernel(ac)
def getter_ast(self, density=True, velocity=True):
assert density or velocity
method = self.collision_rule.method
output_descriptor = {}
if density:
output_descriptor['density'] = create_symbolic_list('rho', self.src.spatial_shape[0], 1, self.src.dtype)
if velocity:
output_descriptor['velocity'] = create_symbolic_list('vel', self.src.spatial_shape[0],
method.dim, self.src.dtype)
ac = create_macroscopic_value_getter_sparse(method, self.src, output_descriptor)
return create_kernel(ac)
def setter_ast(self, density=True, velocity=True):
method = self.collision_rule.method
if density is True:
density = create_symbolic_list('rho', self.src.spatial_shape[0], 1, self.src.dtype).center
if velocity is True:
velocity = create_symbolic_list('vel', self.src.spatial_shape[0], method.dim, self.src.dtype).center_vector
ac = create_macroscopic_value_setter_sparse(method, self.src, density, velocity)
return create_kernel(ac)
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