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WIP: Astnodes for interpolation

This PR needs maybe still needs some clean-up. However, it would be good to recieve already some feed-back.

What works:

  • Using CUDA textures
  • Using HW accelerated interpolation for float32 textures
  • Implement linear interpolations either via software (CPU, GPU), texture accesses without HW-interpolation but HW boundary handling
  • Adding transformed coordinate systems to fields

What does not work:

  • HW boundary handling for CUDA textures for the boundary handling modes mirror and wrap (apparently they have been removed from CUDA's API but are still present in pycuda. Now there's only
cudaBoundaryModeZero = 0
    Zero boundary mode
cudaBoundaryModeClamp = 1
    Clamp boundary mode
cudaBoundaryModeTrap = 2
    Trap boundary mode

Wtf is trap boundary mode? Nothing is documented so we can only experiment.

What kind of works:

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