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Clean up and Bug Fixes

Markus Holzer requested to merge holzer/pystencils:Fixes into master

Fixes #38 (closed)

Further changes:

  • Third party warnings are suppressed now as they just polluted the warning summary in pystencils.
  • Removing the math optimisations as they are not used in pystencils. An Issue is created to reintroduce them again in a clean way in the future
  • Removing the joblib workaround as joblib is a hard dependency of pystencils
  • Fixing SymPy 1.9 as maximum version
  • Removing sympy.multiply_elementwise due to A workaround with NumPy is introduced which seems to be way more robust because NumPy has a more static API
  • Introducing more extra requires, which are needed to have all features of pystencils
  • Minor cleanup of some test cases and the datahandling
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