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Integer functions

Adds support (freezing, typing, printing) for the following integer functions from sympyextensions.integer_functions:

  • bit_shift_left
  • bit_shift_right
  • bitwise_and
  • bitwise_or
  • bitwise_xor
  • int_div
  • int_power_of_2
  • modulo_floor

The following are left for future work because they can be conveniently implemented with an if expression (the ternary if operator ?: in C) which is currently not available.

  • modulo_ceil
  • div_ceil

div_floor is also not implemented because to me the semantics of this function are unclear. Is it supposed to compute \lfloor \frac ab \rfloor (as the name suggests) or the C-like round-to-zero integer division (as the documentation suggests)?

The typifier tries to infer the integer type of the arguments/result and always raises if the type is non-integer. Note that this can lead to cases in which an exception is raised because the inference fails. For example int_div(2, 3) where both arguments are untyped constants. This could be improved in the typifier, e.g. by adding type constraints to deferred constants (also left for future work).

Edited by Daniel Bauer

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