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Add AssignmentCollection.{free_fields,bound_fields}

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......@@ -111,6 +111,15 @@ class AssignmentCollection:
"Not in SSA form - same symbol assigned multiple times"
return bound_symbols_set
def free_fields(self):
"""All fields accessed in the assignment collection, which do not occur as left hand sides in any assignment."""
return {s.field for s in self.free_symbols if hasattr(s, 'field')}
def bound_fields(self):
"""All field accessed on the left hand side of a main assignment or a subexpression."""
return {s.field for s in self.bound_symbols if hasattr(s, 'field')}
def defined_symbols(self) -> Set[sp.Symbol]:
"""All symbols which occur as left-hand-sides of one of the main equations"""
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