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Python coupling

Markus Holzer requested to merge PythonCoupling into master

This MR removes Boost from the python coupling replacing it with pybind11.

Remaining tasks:

  • Restore any disabled/renamed/removed functions/files/tests

  • Remove Boost.Python from the build system

  • Resolve pybind11 warnings

  • Implement pybind11 buffer protocol for field export and remove the C-API way

  • Remove all Python C API calls (grep -hEro 'Py[A-Z][a-zA-Z_]+' src/python_coupling/). They should all be supported through pybind11.

  • Check if functionality is still working as expected by providing test cases

  • Look through all files to ensure, that comments are not written for the old boost code

  • Look through all python files to clean them a little bit

  • Add PythonModule.dox

  • Adapt python Documentation

  • Check if all apps using the python coupling are still working as expected

Fixes #102 (closed)

Edited by Markus Holzer

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